NESCO High Torque Non Slip Hose Clamps & Car Spares


Hose Clamps at Best Price in India


Hello, do you need NON slip hose clamps?. This is the right place for best quality hose clamps in India. We are testing Nesco high torque hose clamps for torque strength with digital meter and have torque values much more than recommendation. Nesco high torque hose clamps are NON Slip clamps.

We are manufacturing SS hose pipe clamps from prime stainless steel with a special thread technology for extra tight grip .The cap lock (housing) and strip is stainless steel and the screw is galvanized carbon mild steel, with a combination head.

Nesco high torque hose Clamp sizes are from 1/2 inch – 5 inches in 9mm and 12mm band strip. We have 16 hose clamp types. Hose pipe clamp price is also reasonable. Nesco hose clamps are in great demand. We have a large number of  satisfied customers in the country. We are proud to say that our customers call Nesco hose pipe clamps as original clamps. We are highly thankful to them for their appreciation of our products. We have hose clamp bulk quantities in stock. Please place order now for immediate dispatch. Give us a Call for hose clamp price list.

Perfect fit NON SLIP Hose Clamps

  1. Clamps strip and lock is stainless steel grade 202 .The screw is galvanized mild steel with a combination head.
  2. Hose pipe clamps screw casing is spot welded on the inner side for high strength.
  3. Nesco clips have rolled edges which protect the hose surface and prevent it from extruding or shearing through hose pipe as the clamp is tightened. No sharp edges on Nesco hose pipe clamps.
  4. We are digitally torque testing for best performance and have high torque values.
  5. We mostly dispatch the orders within few hours of order confirmation.

NESCO ss 304 hose clamps all stainless steel



Nesco SS 304 hose clamp

Nesco best quality Hose clamps – band, housing and the screw are all made of premium stainless steel grade SS 304. Hose clamps have a bright shine of stainless steel. Hose clamps are salt resistant, anti rust, anti corossion, oil and water proof. Nesco hose pipe clamps are strong, sturdy and reliable. Nesco stainless steel hose clamps are made from grade 304 stainless steel, which is a high-quality, corrosion-resistant material. These clamps are suitable for use in a wide range of applications where corrosion resistance is important, such as in marine environments or in applications involving water or other corrosive substances. Nesco clamps are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different hose diameters. They are also designed for easy installation and removal and can be tightened using a screw or a clamping mechanism.These clamps have torque strength of more than 9.1Nm.

These best quality hose clamps are useful in indoor and outdoor applications. Nesco hose clamps uses are in automobile,earthmovers,agriculture,industry,hospitals,hydraulics,laboratories,marine,railways,traffic lights,hoardings and so on.

Hose clamp tightening torque


Nesco hose clamps are digitally torque tested with a torque meter. Nesco clamps have high strength of more than 4.7 Nm and 6.1 Nm whereas highest torque recommendation is 3.5 Nm for these types of clamps. The complete range of products is very well accepted. Our esteemed customers appreciate the quality very much. We are adding more sizes on customers heavy demand. Please order for your bulk requirements now.




Nesco-Hose-clamps-size-1 inch

Hose clamps size chart inches. This chart is for reference only. Many more sizes are available. We are manufacturing sizes 1/2 inch to 5 inch and more sizes are available on demand. Please call for hose clamps size chart pdf.




NESCO hose clamp size chart mm





Nesco mini hose clamps have strip and lock stainless steel.The screw is galvanized steel for best performance. The clamps are NON SLIP Hose Clips. these clamps are best for fuel lines.


hose clamp with handle

A hose clamp with a handle is a type of clamp that is used to secure a hose or tube to a fitting. The handle allows for easy tightening or loosening of the clamp, making it a convenient option for many industrial and household applications.Nesco stainless steel butterfly hose clamps are fitted  with a PVC Handle for easy general purpose uses. Hose clamps strip and housing is 202 grade stainless steel and the screw is galvanized steel. Nesco hose clamps are high grip clamps. These clamps are best for home gas supply, garden pipe and other applications.

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